You can commission a hand painted portrait painting from wherever you are in the world.

Just follow the steps below and I'll guide you through the process.

I am happy to offer a free consultation, in person or over the phone, to discuss making your idea come to life - Please use this contact form to reach out to me directly.

I recommend that you be prepared to answer these questions:

1) Who/what is the painting of?
2) What is the occasion of commissioning this painting?
3) How big would you like the piece to be, and do you know where it will hang? (This is important for determining size, pose, frame style, and color scheme)
4) What will the desired setting be?  (e.g. formal, casual, indoors, outdoors, spring, fall, etc.) 
5) When do you need it finished?

"50th Anniversary" by Ju Oshiro Fine Art

My best work is created when I can meet my subject in person. If we are near enough, I can come to you free of charge; if you are out of state, I can travel to you if you are willing to cover my airfare/lodging. However, in this day and age, I understand that it can be difficult for some so I make exceptions.

These are my requirements when working from client photos:
- The subject should be photographed with a high quality camera and lens, in soft natural lighting.
- Avoid flash or high contrast sunlight/dark shadows.
- Multiple photo references are always encouraged so that I can get a general idea of the subject's mannerisms, expressions, posture, and likeness in various lighting situations.

"Lauren" by Ju Oshiro Fine Art


Commissioned portraits generally take 3-5 months to complete depending on their complexity. If you are local, you can come to my studio to see the finished painting in person.

Otherwise, I usually email a digital photo to my clients to confirm the completion of the portrait. The remainder of the portrait fee, including all incidentals, is due upon delivery.



Pricing will be discussed during your consultation as each project is unique not only in size but complexity. Fees are for the artwork only and do not include travel expenses, framing, state sales tax or shipping, which the client is also responsible to cover. Clients sign a standard portrait commission contract and submit a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total agreed-upon fee.