About The Artist


I was born in postwar South Korea into a family life that was disrupted and impoverished. At the time I craved to express myself creatively but there was little in the way of encouragement or training. One day, I watched my brother’s friend create a large watercolor painting of a strong Korean woman. This experience changed my life and remains as an indelible memory. I witnessed the power and emotional impact of art, and I longed to fulfill my own talents.

After immigrating to the United States, I trained as a hairstylist, and launched a 25-year career. But it was not until my husband and I traveled internationally that I was exposed to the great masters while visiting European museums. This reignited my passion for art and led to years of training with famous living artists in the U.S. and Italy. I am grateful for the opportunity to study with modern masters such as David Leffel, Sherry McGraw, Jeremy Lipking and Jeff Watts.

My faith in God has had a profound influence on my growth as a painter and in my personal life. I’ve always been fascinated by the human figure, which is a focus of my studio practice. Although I paint many portraits, it has been a joy to also celebrate people around the world who have benefited from the charitable work of organizations such as Living Waters International.

It is my intention to capture the true essence and personality of each subject I paint. I am humbled to have had my work recognized and showcased in local, regional, and international competitions, as well as at national and international art academies. I was also a finalist in the International Art Renewal Center (ARC) Salon competition and the Portrait Society of America members-only competition.

Ju Oshiro