A curated collection of Ju Oshiro's most notable works. 
Prints are available for select sold pieces. 
%u201CChildlike Faith%u201D 20x16 Oil by Ju oshiro

“Childlike Faith” 20x16in. Oil.

In this candle light study I wanted to show the curious eye boy bathed in the warm glowing light with a sense of innocence and wonder and to evoke a serene and mysterious ambience. 

“ Unveiling the Wisdom of Shivathmika”  24x18 Oil on Linen panel

“Unveiling the Wisdom of Shivathmika” 24x18in. Oil on Linen.

A few years ago, I found myself seeking relief for my chronic gut issues at an Ayurvedic clinic in India, under the care of Dr. Sundara. During my time there, I had the privilege of encountering, a remarkable young girl named Shivathmika, Dr. Sundara’s younger daughter. She was merely four years old at the time.

One day, while exploring the surroundings, we noticed Shivathmika had vanished. Concerned we embarked on a search and discovered her in a state of deep meditation amidst the tranquil tea leaf bushes. It was astonishing to witness the profound wisdom emanating from such a tender soul.

Fast forward to the present, Shivasthmika has blossomed into an eight year old, and her wisdom continues to surpass her years.This is a painting of a truly extra ordinary young girl. 

“Pulelehua Ho’olaule’a” Oil 24x18

“Pulelehua Ho’olaule’a” 24x18in. Oil.

 Hawaiian for "Butterfly Celebration"

The model is our niece Jackie, who is born and raised in Hawaii.

Pulelehua Ho’olaule’a brings to life power and majesty. In the Hawaiian culture the butterfly is a symbol of healing and transformation. Amongst the ancient cultures, it is an emblem of the soul, and of unconscious attraction towards light.


Living Water” 16x20in. Oil on Linen Board.
"Alex" 24x20in. Pastel Pencil on Archival Paper.
“ Walk by Faith “ Pastel on archival paper 20x16 - prints available

Walk by Faith20x16in. Pastel on Archival Paper.


"Jen" 14x18in. Oil on Linen Board.
"Amelia" 16x20in. Oil on Linen Board.